Ad Bus Handle

This Bus Handle is used for Train and buses of big size, medium size and small size, characterized by novel design,comfortable holding, firmness and long Timeliness. The joint can circumrotate by 360 degrees. The joint is smooth and serviceable.
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AD Bus Handle 01
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Bus Handle 02
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Bus AD Handle 09
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Economic crisis and Bus handle

As far as we know, we are undergoing the rare economic crisis from the history.
Bear Stearns, who have 85 years of history, met the great depression and up and down economy in the 1930s in America. However, it severe loss in the subprime lending storm of America in 2008, which have been on the verge of bankruptcy and acquired.
Lehman Brothers, who have 158 years of history, applied for bankruptcy protection according to the Chapter 11, United States Bankruptcy on 15th Septermber,2008. Lehman Brothers created the biggest sum in the bankruptcy case in American history due to the debt of 6130 million US dollars.
It can be seen from a vast number of worldwide experts and common people, the current crisis will be enhanced. Every country, especially for United States, has not yet found the effective measures and ways to alleviate and solve this wave of economic crisis. The damage have emerged gradually that created by the economic crisis.
At this crisis moment, how the enterprise deal with it? Should they hire more people to promote or invest a great number of newspaper and television advertisement?
Our bus handle can help you control your ad-rate and promote your products effectively.
It can promote your product in special route on the bus, and you only need to pay the least ad-rate.

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