Plastic Chain
Plastic Chain Green

Plastic chain Green
Plastic chain white

Plastic chain White
Plastic Chain 6mm

Plastic chain -- 6MM
Plastic Chain 8mm

Plastic chain -- 8MM
Warning Chain

Plastic chain -- 8MM
Warning chain

Plastic chain -- 6MM
Plastic chain

Plastic chain 8mm
Plastic chain

Plastic chain 6mm

About Plastic Chain

Plastic Chain is one of the important inventions in the modern life. It takes place of traditional steel made chains and with its appearance people have a much more convenient life.
Our chain has the following features,
It is holistic and durable.
It is practical and convenient for taking.
It could be adjusted freely with special active chain.
It is available in various specifications for your selection and we always like to receive orders from you.

About Electric Fly Swatter:

   The earliest sample of Electric fly swatters is originated in China in 1988. After its improvement and development for several years, the mosquito swatters is popular all over the world with its perfect shape and high effect in killing the mosquitoes. 
   Electric Fly Swatter is an insect killer which is specially aimed at mosquitoes and flies and made good use of the DC-DC elements diploid compress theory of electron circuit. It upgrades and transforms the 3V direct current (DC) to 1500V direct current (DC). This kind of voltage could only kill the mosquitoes and flies and have no hurt to the human being.
 We have a history of making swatter for 12 years.

Plastic Chain
Plastic chain--8MM
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Plastic Chain
Plastic chain--6MM
Plastic Chain SIZE

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