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Electric fly Swatter
Electric fly Swatter
 Electric fly swatter can give you a life without mosquitoes.
 Are you always annoyed by the bothersome bites from mosquito?
 Mosquito have been exsiting since human beings appeared . People have been given so much annoyance by them and have not had yet an ideal means to kill them for a long time.
 Our brand name "Zhenda" Electric fly swatter was developed in 1995. Since then the swatter have been extremely popular at home and abroad because of its high efficiency to kill mosquito and other flying insects.
 Our well-trained staff , unique technology and excellent material make the high quality of our fly swatter.
 Our fly swatter is made of durable ABS757 plastic. All steel wire and wire net are nickel plated. The reliability of our product quality is guaranteed by our strict TQC quality control system and advanced international technic.
 We solemnly promise that our Mosquito swatter can last for more than one year.
 What are you still waiting for?
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